Friday, April 28, 2017

What Makes Great Content?

You go through life believing you are in control of your thoughts and actions but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Your thoughts and actions are controlled by the people, that control the message, thats hidden in your entertainment.

It does not matter rather it comes from the news, television shows, movies, radio shows, newspapers, magazines, books, music, or even video games. All of them have the ability to bypass our defenses and speak directly to the subconsciousness.

Six guys control all the major media in all the areas I just named.

Six guys control the messages you’ve been receiving for the majority of your life.

Six guys control the song on your radio that will decide rather your happy, sad, want to cheat on your wife, or kill your dog.

We are controlled by the hidden beats and the words that go unsaid.

Six guys control your thoughts, your actions, and where you spend your money and they make billions per year doing it.

Your reality, your choices, your thoughts, all controlled by six guys who are all fighting desperately to take your freedom of expression away from you and control what your able to say on line.

We should help our brothers and sisters voices be heard so as to at least add a seventh voice into the mix.

But when someone ask how do I get noticed, how do I stand out from the crowd, how do I compete and get my voice heard … someone will always come back with, “write good content”.

But then that begs the question, “What is good content”.

Good content doesn’t care about Google, their opinion, your opinion, or anyone else's opinion. Good content comes from the passion and love that is inside you for the topic or belief that is dear to you.

Good content is like a good song, it’s got a good flow, and it can get stuck in your head and change the way you think.

You’re thoughts, feelings, knowledge, and passion should form it’s own personality that jumps off the page and says hey, I’m not like the rest, I’m something better, I’m more exciting, and if you watch me for just a second … I’ll change the way you think.

But then that isn’t enough … you’ve got to be everywhere. Writing, debating, tweeting, videoing, blogging, sharing, and changing the way people think with every line that you write, never letting bad information go unquestioned.

If you can do this ... you will become an influencer.

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